Finding Top Talent for Your Practice – Today and Into the Future

Whether an advisor is near retirement or far away from that goal, planning for the future – to help ensure the sustainability of the practice and a smooth transition for clients – is critical at any stage. The reality is that many advisors do not have such a plan or want to put one in place but just don’t know where to begin. They often ask, “Where can I find someone who is a good fit for my business and, more importantly, for my clients?”

Following are some tried and true methods that may help advisors find that talent.


Avenues to Finding Talent

Recent College Graduates

Even with a current shortage of college graduates entering the financial services field, this is still a solid source for talent who advisors can train and with whom they can ultimately share responsibility. To find these graduates or soon-to-be graduates, advisors should: build relationships with local college professors, search financial association job boards, target the top colleges for financial planning, or work with established recruiting services.

Leveraging technology for such a talent search is key – especially when focusing on college students and recent graduates. The Millennial and Gen Z generations have grown up in the digital world. Maintaining a social media presence on LinkedIn or Twitter can help connect an advisor’s brand to those groups. Interacting with potential talent on their favorite platforms can lead to more communication channels and help an advisor find a match for their practice.

Here are some of the ways to find a college student, or recent graduate:


A formalized internship program can create a pipeline for strong talent and future team members.

Hiring to support the vision and brand of an advisor’s practice is the first step to formulating an internship program. Try to incorporate the vision into recruiting materials, new hire documents, and onboarding programs. This will provide candidates with an inside look into the culture, workplace, and values of an advisor’s business. Internally reinforce this vision by sharing workplace events, opinions, or stories on social media. This can help boost a potential recruit’s perception of what it would be like to work for the firm.

The second step is to develop an internship policy. This policy should define the type of person an advisor is looking for - employee or student - and define the payment structure - paid or unpaid - and whether or not it includes benefits. There should be a time period set for when the internship starts and ends. Before the intern starts, an onboarding process should be set in place that includes specific assignments to be completed and it should include supervisor responsibilities and a timeline for evaluations.

The final step to a successful internship program is to coach the individual towards success. The intern’s supervisor should establish a meaningful connection with the person, be present and available for questions, and train an intern on all of the responsibilities expected from them. Businesses that are successful in coaching their employees could see higher employee engagement, performance, productivity, and ultimately revenue.


Finding talent is only the first step in this process. Once recruiting efforts lead to a “perfect” match, retaining these new employees poses a new challenge. Providing these individuals with high-quality training and experience and presenting a clear route to advancement can help with retention. If a dedicated effort is made to search for and retain new talent, a path to practice growth and succession can be established.


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