A Guide to Thought Leadership Marketing

Thought leadership is achieved when an individual or business is recognized as an authority in a specialized field. As an advisor in the financial industry, it is crucial that you are viewed as an expert in your field. But how do you convey your expertise to potential new clients? Thought leadership marketing is one answer. In fact, from a survey conducted by LinkedIn,  58% of respondents read one or more hours of thought-leadership articles per week.

Thought leadership marketing can be used to drive traffic to your website, help you find potential new clients and build your brand authority and reputation in your field. Continue reading for our top thought leadership marketing tips.

Know your Target Audience

Understanding who to target is key to many successful marketing strategies and thought leadership is no different. Try creating a “buyer persona” for your target audience. A “buyer persona” is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal client based on real data about your existing clients and research conducted in the market. Consider the client’s demographic, behavior pattern, goals, and motivations. Once this persona is created, it is also important to continually “check in” with the persona to make sure it nothing has changed. People change over time and so will your “buyer persona”.

Use Social Media

Social media allows you to reach your target audience in ways that were once unimaginable. It provides an opportunity to effectively build your brand awareness while touting your own expertise. Social media enables you to engage in the financial community and engage with your followers, by sharing your thoughts on industry news and ensuring that your brand identity is voiced in conversations relevant to industry trends. As always, be sure to follow the guidelines set by your regulatory body when actively engaging in social media.

Publish Your Own Content

While publishing original blog pieces is great, creating thought leadership content goes well beyond that. Thought leadership content is created from a myriad of different sources. It could include being active on social media, writing guest posts on other websites, and speaking at events or on podcasts. It is also important to mix up the types of media you are using when posting on social media. Mix the content that you post using your own works along with content created from other sources. However, when using content created from another source be sure to receive the proper permissions. Consider using a combination of video, audio (such as podcasts), and written content on your website and social media pages. Ultimately, you want your content to show up in the places where and when your audience is active - driving to work, watching videos at home, or scrolling through LinkedIn pages during the lunch hour.

Last but not least, the most successful thought leaders are individuals who are genuine and are authentic to their brand. Content should not be too promotional, should offer perspective, and should be supported through research. By analyzing your target audience , developing a marketing plan, actively engaging on social media, and creating content that highlights your expertise, you can master thought leadership marketing.

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