How an Employee-Focused Culture Can Help Further Client Satisfaction

In the Financial Services industry, it has long been thought that client satisfaction should be above everything else. After all, your clients are the reason you are in business. However, sometimes you can focus too much on your clients and not enough time thinking about employees or workplace culture. This tunnel vision can lead to long-term problems including a drop in employee morale, increased employee turnover rate, and, in turn, a decrease in client satisfaction.

Think of your employees as an extension of you and your business.

Your employees are on the front lines of your business. They are the ones who interact with your clients every day potentially having the greatest impact on your success as a business owner. Clients’ first interactions are most likely with support staff and clients will judge your practice on how they are treated and on their overall experience. By creating a positive, employee-focused culture, you can create both happy employees and satisfied clients.

Employees who feel engaged with their company will likely improve client relationships and increase client satisfaction.

Adopting an employee-focused culture can sometimes be seen as a high mountain to climb, but a few simple tips can help make the transition easier.

  • Offer employee development: Employees appreciate opportunities for professional advancement within the business they support. Providing them these opportunities and the path to follow to take advantage of them is extremely important. Even in a small business environment where opportunities for upward movement may be limited, enabling employees to learn new skills on the job can be a valuable professional development tool. Ongoing training and coaching sessions can help employees develop new skills that will ultimately shine through in their client interactions.
  • Show your support: Leadership and employees should have daily interactions which can build upon skills learned in training and coaching sessions. Give your employees solid feedback and praise to help them feel that they are making a difference in your business. Even small gestures or praise can make a workplace more enjoyable and can influence the level of service and patience that employees portray to your clients. Try to create a healthy, caring, and supportive environment to foster future business leaders who could be in charge of overall client satisfaction one day.
  • Foster engagement in the workplace: Employees should be fully engaged at work - especially in interactions with your clients. In order to achieve this, employees must feel fulfilled in the work they are doing and understand that their unique talents are aiding in their employment success. If employees feel that their physical presence and unique talents are contributing to the betterment of their workplace, they will ultimately be more engaged in their everyday activities and client interactions. This complete engagement will enable the employee to be more enthusiastic for your firm’s next big projects.
  • Recognize employees for a job well done: Rewarding strong employees for providing exceptional client service can inspire other employees to go above and beyond in that effort. Perhaps host a year-end awards ceremony where you honor employees, or ask all employees to nominate a Rockstar colleague. This can foster a healthy competition between your employees to try and improve their own client service delivery and possibly win the award next year.

Focusing on your employees and making sure they are feeling their greatest worth at your company will in turn make your clients happier. By inspiring, coaching, and supporting your staff, you not only are creating an employee-focused culture, but also brighter and more empowered business professionals who will in turn contribute to greater client satisfaction.

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